Blockchain Protocol

We have developed a blockchain protocol that enables the transfer of digital assets (NFTs) from one application to another. It is the first step towards the interoperability of decentralized applications.

When one application in the ecosystem mints a series of NFTs, another decentralized application from the ecosystem can use those digital assets. The premise is that applications are compatible as soon as they are in our ecosystem.

Users can own digital assets from the first application. When they connect their wallet to another application that uses those NFTs, a new NFT will be minted, which belongs to the same collection as the original NFT. So, users will have a dynamic collection based on the original NFT, where each NFT is from a different application from the ecosystem.

The importance of creating new NFTs for different applications

Why is it essential to create new NFTs for different applications in the Infinity Games ecosystem? Well, imagine you are playing a game where you have collected and developed several digital assets. Now, you want to try a new game based on that same assets. Those assets can have a whole new life in that new game and be improved even more.

If those digital assets are only one NFT, and you want to transfer assets from the first game, you will also lose assets from the second game. This is why it is vital to mint a new NFT for each application in the ecosystem.

But, development studios will be free to define an asset as a unique item across the whole ecosystem if that is the best use-case.

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