Logistical Support For Onboarding Studios

Our ecosystem consists of partner development studios, content creators, and end users. All of them may participate in the future decentralized autonomous organization.

Infinity Games will provide them with logistical support on several levels. By now (January 2023), we have several studios that want to participate in our ecosystem in the pipeline:

Play and earn above play to earn concept

Future decisions on accepting development studios in the ecosystem will be on DAO. The community with the voting power will decide upon their applications.

Onboarding studios will get funding from our future token called INFY. They can use it for development and play and earn awards. We oppose the play-to-earn concept. The token whose only purpose is for play rewards is not sustainable, and that concept is separate from the culture we want to build. Of course, studios should reward exceptional players, and that is something we'll encourage. The earning component should come from developing and collecting digital assets. If the game is fun and the community likes to play it, they should appropriately value those assets.

In addition to the funding, development studios will have access to all graphical models in the ecosystem. This concept should significantly simplify and speed up the development process. They will also need to share their newly created assets used in the ecosystem. It is essential for the system's functioning in the web3 environment. Studios will be incentivized to share as they are free to define their creator's fee on those assets for the future transfer of borrowing of items.

Our most significant support for development studios is access to the player base and community. The popularity of games will be a critical factor in deciding which digital assets they will use in their games. If some game is trendy, it will be wise to use their NFTs to engage with the community from that game.

Last but not least is our support for publishing and marketing the new games.

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