Content Creation

One of the biggest problems with today's metaverses is a need for more content. We are seeing reports of only a couple dozen concurrent users in the largest metaverses, which is a shame because blockchain technology has a strong use case in creating digital content. Our vision is a thriving and ever-growing metaverse with exciting content.

Every participant (development studios or end users) in our ecosystem can create content and contribute, and they will be appropriately incentivized. As previously explained, development studios will have access to all graphical models in the ecosystem. But they will also need to share newly created models. They will decide on a fee for future transfers or borrowing of the NFTs. They can also decide if the item can be used outside of the ecosystem, and they will get a one-time fee if the item is sold. If another studio from the Infinity Games ecosystem uses its asset in a new game and makes an NFT sale, they will decide on a creator's fee.

The same is with the end users. They will have the same tool for content creation. Development studios will pick up their content if they create quality content. The community will do the final validation, and content creators will have tools for setting up the fees they will receive. They will receive a fair share for future transfers, borrowings, or NFT sales.

We are also founders of a unique NFT marketplace focused on copyrights called Prometheus, for which we got an EU grant. A big part of this technology will be used in the Infinity Games platform, especially for content creation.

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