Sharing Of The Graphical Models

Although the Infinity Games ecosystem is meant for all kinds of decentralized applications, at its beginning, we are mainly focused on games and entertainment applications.

The unique proposal that distinguishes us from similar blockchain ecosystems is that all digital assets (NFTs) are attached to the graphical models. Assets keeping their feel and look across different applications will provide better user engagement.

Balancing of the games and graphical models

One of the frequently asked questions can be how games will be balanced? If you have maxed out a character from one game, will it be overpowered in another game? All these decisions will be left to the development studios. They have to do what is best for them. But, it is essential that they can make those decisions. In one case, the best business decision for them may be to rewrite the stats from the NFT, and in another, it may be to lower that maxed-out character to the appropriate level. In other words, they must do what is best for their gaming community.

Similar is with graphical models. If one game uses full 3D models and another is familiar with the pixel art style, it may not be the best decision to use those 3D models. The best decision will be to edit those 3D graphical models to the pixel art style while keeping the same look and feel of the original assets. This way, the studio can achieve the best engagement from their community and take advantage of the first game community.

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