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Who are we?

Infinity Games is a blockchain protocol and ecosystem that enables the interoperability of decentralized applications. Our unique proposal is that graphical models of all digital assets are shared between the ecosystem participants. The same digital assets (NFTs) will be used in different games, and they will keep the same look and feel.

Players identify and familiarize themselves with the assets they own, and now they can use them in different applications and games. When players are the actual owners of the game assets, they are in control and power over what they will do with them, and they are no longer in fear that those assets can become obsolete due the centralization.

  • Srdjan Vukmirovic is a university professor in the Faculty of Technical Sciences, and also he founded and managed several startups that cover Cloud-based systems, blockchain, and mobile platforms. Companies he founded are Ethernal (premium research and development team primarily focused on the Ethereum stack), Prometheus (unique NFT marketplace focused on copyrights), and several other projects like Machine Can See, Cinteraction, NSWD, and others.

  • Ante Medic has a master's in computer science. He has more than six years of experience in blockchain projects. Also, he is the founder of one of the first crypto airdrop portals (AirdropsMob) and co-founder of Prometheus (a unique NFT marketplace focused on copyrights).

We combine our passion for blockchain technology and video games to build Infinity Games. The project started by tackling the main problem of today's blockchain games - the need for good, quality, fun games in the Web 3 environment, but soon our whole project evolved into an open ecosystem for cross-application interoperability.

Why now, and what problems are we solving?

Three main problems we will tackle are:

  • cross-application interoperability

  • quality of the blockchain games

  • content creation for the ecosystem

Cross-application interoperability

One of the hottest problems in the gaming blockchain space is cross-application interoperability. The first one who solves it will have a huge advantage. Our main competitors (please find more about them in the competitor's section) are suffering due to this issue. Their ecosystems are closed, and the dynamics of introducing new games and development studios are below par.

We are tackling this problem with our unique proposal of sharing all graphical models in the ecosystem. In combination with the Infinity Games blockchain protocol, we are solving the cross-application interoperability problem.

When a new game joins the ecosystem and uses original digital assets, the protocol allows us to create a new collection based on the original NFT. This is important because if players want to stop playing the first game and transfer their assets, they can do it without affecting other games.

Quality of the blockchain games

The second large problem is a deficiency of good and quality games. This was best seen during the 2021/2022 bull run. Projects associated with blockchain games, usually with questionable quality, gained unrealistic hype, which ended with the community completely disassociating with those kinds of projects. This significant factor has led NFTs to a shameful reputation as a scammy and money-grabbing scheme.

The fundamentals in resolving this problem are the education of the end-users (gaming community). Education will be a big part of our platform, and we want to lead by example. The critical mass has to happen until they realize what benefits they will have in blockchain gaming ecosystems. Microtransactions and DLCs have been introduced to the community with no alternative concepts for decades. Finally, now the community has the option where NFTs (digital assets) are giving back power (and ownership) to the games. Our first step to solving this problem is developing quality blockchain games which we will prove with the release of the Infinity Heroes game. In addition, we have a partnership with Name Your Demon game, which will be the first game incubated in the Infinity Games ecosystem.

This will pave the path of the Infinity Games ecosystem. We want to create and incubate good, quality, and, foremost, fun games.

Content creation for the ecosystem

Another big problem we are tackling is creating good and quality content. This is best seen in an incredibly small number of concurrent users in one of the biggest blockchain metaverses. We will solve this on the platform level. Every participant in our ecosystem can create content and contribute, and they will be appropriately incentivized through smart contract technology and ownership of the data. This will also apply to the end users. They will have the same tool for content creation. Development studios will pick up their content if they create quality content. The community will do the final validation, and content creators will have tools for setting up the fees they will receive.

Implementation of new technology developments

The development of enterprise-level blockchain solutions like Polygon Supernets (Ethernal.tech is a prominent developer) allows a vast number of low-cost transactions per second with a significant level of validation. Polygon Supernets is the perfect solution for the Infinity Games ecosystem.

This creates a perfect environment for a blockchain gaming ecosystem like Infinity Games. Players and the community will be the owners of the digital assets from the games. The technology development allows for easy and convenient transfer of those NFTs and allows the implementation of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

An open ecosystem like Infinity Games will enable regular incubation of new and quality games with the constant addition of new content, ensuring quality by the community using the mechanisms from the DAO. A big part of establishing this ecosystem will be our partners.

Our partners

We have an agreement with the following companies and development studios that are eager to join our ecosystem:

These studios will have a big part in the first stages of DAO, which will assure quality. In the following stages and development, the voting power will be shifted to the community through our dAPP Infinity Nodes.

The benefits for the onboarding partners

Our ecosystem consists of partner development studios, content creators, and end users. All of them may participate in the future decentralized autonomous organization.

Infinity Games will provide onboarding studios with logistical support on several levels. They will get funding from our future token called INFY. They can use it for development and play and earn awards.

In addition to the funding, development studios will have access to all graphical models in the ecosystem. This concept will significantly simplify and speed up the development process. With vast assets at their disposal, development studios will have more time to concentrate on other aspects like gameplay and usability. This will not only speed up the game development process but should also improve their quality.

Our most significant support for development studios is access to the player base and community.

Already onboard studios will greatly benefit from adding new quality studios to the ecosystem. It will increase the market for their products, and it will bring new content for their already established products.

Infinity Heroes

Our journey started because we want to state that blockchain games can be fun and good and that the gaming industry is great for implementing blockchain technology.

Infinity Heroes are the first game in our ecosystem. It will be one of the most advanced tactical auto-battlers on the blockchain. The game focuses on heroes which can be developed uniquely. This will be a key factor that will give those digital assets a market value. The functionality that heroes can be developed in many different ways and their ability to beat the game meta will make them scarce items. The players can also collect different kinds of units, items, and artifacts. The alpha release will be in 2023 Q1, and the trailer can be seen here.

It is very important that Infinity Heroes are the first game in our ecosystem. It will be proof of a successful cross-application interoperability, and other games that want to join our ecosystem will have starting content from Infinity Heroes at their disposal.

Business model



2023 Q1

2023 Q2

  • Partners dashboard on Infinity Games platform

  • Marketplace on the Infinity Games platform

  • Incubation of the 3rd game in the Infinity Games ecosystem

2023 Q3

  • User dashboard on the Infinity Games platform

  • Infinity Heroes beta release

  • Incubation of the 4th game in the Infinity Games ecosystem

2023 Q4

  • Infinity Nodes (DAO) alpha release

  • Infinity Heroes initial NTF sale

  • Incubation of the 5th game in the Infinity Games ecosystem

2024 Q1

  • Infinity Launchpad alpha release

  • Infinity Heroes 1.0 release

  • INFY token TGE

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